The Global Innovation Design (GID) program is unparalleled in the world, offering a trans-national design education that bridges three major centers of design, culture and industry: Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University (KMD) in Tokyo/Yokohama, Imperial College and Royal College of Art (RCA) in London, and Pratt Institute (Pratt) in New York. These centers are international leaders in creativity and innovation, with complementary expertise in art, design, engineering, technology, and business. A select group of GID students will earn Master’s degrees while studying at and traveling between all three program centers. This is not just a study abroad experience, but a multi-institution model for higher education in the 21st century. Students gain a unique perspective by living and studying on three different continents, immersed in three different cultures, amidst three of the largest economies in the world. GID educates global design leaders ― “creative catalysts” for positive change in a globalized society.

This program is supported as a "Reinventing Japan Project" by a grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.


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GID Curriculum

1st year

Students will spend a year at KMD. They will begin in "introductory subjects" and "skills subject" to master the design thinking required for innovation, the networking technology as a basis of information media, and the business management techniques and strategic storytelling methods required for commercialization. In "theoretical and strategic subjects" they will participate in lectures on advanced media technology, Japanese pop culture, business strategy and policy formulation conducted entirely in English. In addition, students will work on "International Project" in which they collaborate with companies on practical challenges.

2nd year

Students will spend a half year each studying at Pratt and RCA/Imperial, where they will participate in the universities' distinctive programs, complete coursework and projects, and interact with local students. Upon completion of the fourth term, the three schools will convene a joint jury where students will be required to give presentations in English. The GID Program Certificate will be issued upon the program completion.

3rd year

Upon return to Keio, students will write their master's theses as a summation of what they have achieved. They will present their work for review at the Keio Master’s Presentation, and will be granted master’s degrees in media design studies from Keio.


The Graduate Program in Industrial Design is one of the most intense programs at Pratt, bringing the Institute’s heritage of aesthetic sensibility and individual expression to the common pursuit of creativity. On projects large and small, students translate ideas into a wide variety of forms, systems and structures. The sensibility of each emerging designer flourishes through individual thesis projects and contact with the design scene of New York, with its own broad scope of dynamism and heterogeneity.

Courses and Project Modules at Pratt

- INDC 628 (2nd year Furniture studio)
   or ID Tech (1st year methods exercises)
   or equivalent studio, 3 hours/week (students assigned to a course by Pratt advisors)
- IND 612 (Color I), 3 hours/week
- IND 672 (Principles of 3D Abstraction), 3 hours/week
- HAD 608 (History of Industrial Design), 2 hours/week
- IND 667 (Global Research Seminar - International GID Project), 3 hours/week
- If possible, students could take one elective of their choice in addition, schedule allowing.
   for example, IND 587 Sustainable. Production. Methodology.

Royal College of Art x Imperial College London : Innovation Design Engineering

London is home to both the RCA and Imperial. Their joint masters program in Innovation Design Engineering combines the creativity of an art and design college with the technical rigour of a world leading science based institution. The teaching philosophy is self-directed study and project-based learning. Students work on a diverse projects exploring many facets of innovation and technology including different approaches to innovation design, from fundamental experimentation to disruptive market focus, engineering skills and technologies, and sustainability.
RCAとImperialは、ロンドンを拠点とするカレッジです。両校のジョイント・プログラムであるInnovation Design Engineering修士コースは、アートカレッジの創造性と、世界的にも定評のあるサイエンス系カレッジの厳格なエンジニア技術の融合したコースです。学生はイノベーションとテクノロジーの様々な局面を体現しながら、基本的な実験だけではなく、市場焦点での破壊的技術、エンジニアスキル、テクノロジー、持続可能性まで多岐にわたるイノベーションデザインのプロジェクトに取り組んでいます。

Courses and Project Modules at RCA/Imperial

- Module 1: London Calling (1 week)
- Module 2: Disrupt! (1 week)
- Module 3: Gizmo (4 weeks)
- Module 4: DE workshop (2 weeks)
- Module 5: Across RCA (1 week)
- Module 6: Disruptive Market Innovation (DMI) workshop (1 week)
- Module 7: Experimental Design (EXP) workshop (1 week)
- Module 8: Superform Lite (4 weeks)
- GID International Project (week 4 - 14)


The admission application procedure is as same as normal application process of KMD except requiring additional materials for GID submission. Please find the following address to find out more detailed information.

> KMD admission information



> KMD入学案内

Admission Schedule in Academic Year 2015

Application Period I (for enrollment in September 2015 or April 2016)
Application Period II (for enrollment in April or September 2016)
Application Period III (for enrollment in April or September 2016)


Application Period-I Application Period-II Application Period-III
Date of Enrollment

September 2015

April 2016

April 2016
September 2016
April 2016
September 2016
Activation of Web Entry May 12 (Tue)-  
May 25 (Mon), 2015
September 8 (Tue)-
September 21 (Mon), 2015
January 5 (Tue) -
January 18 (Mon), 2016
Application Period May 19 (Tue)-
May 25 (Mon), 2015
September 15 (Tue)- 
September 21 (Mon), 2015
January 12 (Tue)-
January 18 (Mon), 2016
Applicants from Overseas  Must arrive by May 29 (Fri), 2015 Must arrive by September 25 (Fri), 2015 Must arrive  by January 22 (Fri), 2016
Announcement of Results of
First Screening
1:00 pm on
June 8 (Mon), 2015
1:00 pm on  
October 5 (Mon), 2015
1:00 pm on 
February 1 (Mon), 2016
Second Screening June 20 (Sat) and 
June 21 (Sun), 2015
October 17 (Sat) and
October 18 (Sun), 2015
February 13 (Sat) and
February 14 (Sun), 2016
Announcement of Results of
Second Screening
1:00 pm on  
June 23 (Tue), 2015
1:00 pm on
October 20 (Tue), 2015
1:00 pm on 
February 16 (Tue), 2016

Tuition and Costs

Tuition per semester for the GID Program is the same as for regular KMD Master's programs. Actual costs can be found from the following link. GID students pay tuition to KMD while they are studying abroad. Students pay no tuition to the host institutions, but to the home institution.

> KMD tuition and fees

GID Students are responsible for their own living costs (housing, food, etc.), insurance fees (approx. 100,000yen), visa application fees, and airfares that are necessary for their study abroad. Depending on the host institution and project, some or all project materials and tools may need to be purchased by students.



> KMD学費について


Student Housing

GID students live in the housing provided by the host institutions.

London : Information
- Private Rooms in the off-campus cluster flat
- GBP 4,000 for the visiting period (TBC)

New York : Information
- Single Room in the on-campus townhouses
- $ 4,240 for the semester (TBC)



ロンドン : Information
- 学外にある学生寮(個室、キッチン・リビングは共同)
- 1学期間の寮費は約4,000ポンド(予定)

ニューヨーク : Information
- 学内にある学生寮(個室、キッチン・リビングは共同)
- 1学期間の寮費は 4,240 ドル (予定)

Estimated Living Costs


Examples KMD RCA/Imperial Pratt
Housing ¥224,000 – 336,000 ₤3,600 (¥622,800) $4,800 (¥494,400)
Food ¥160,000 – 240,000 ₤1,308 (¥226,284) $1,800 (¥185,400)
Books, Project materials ¥28,000 ₤708 (¥122,484) $1,000 (¥103,000)
Local Transportation ¥20,000 – 80,000+ ₤352 (¥60,896) $600 (¥61,800)
Cell Phone ¥20,000+ ₤136 (¥23,528) $320 (¥32,960)
Miscellaneous ¥60,000 ₤704 (¥121,792) $2,000 (¥206,000)
Total for 4 months ¥512,000 – 764,000 ¥1,177,784 ¥1,083,560
Total per month ¥128,000 – 191,000 ¥294,446 ¥270,890
- These are estimates and some categories will vary depending on the types of student projects. Values are calculated based on present currency exchange rates ($1.00 = ¥103, ₤1.00=¥173), which are subject to fluctuations over time.
- Students will need to pay for overseas insurance (approx 100,000yen in total), visa fees, accommodation in London and New York for the visiting period (provided by the host), normal living costs, project tools and materials, and flight.
-Tuition is paid to KMD, not the host institutions.

・上記は概算であり、取り組むプロジェクトにより費用が異なります。金額は現在の為替レート($1.00 = ¥103, ₤1.00=¥173)をもとにしたものであり、変更が生じますのでご了承ください。

GID Partnership Opportunities

The GID Program offers a range of opportunities for companies and organizations to expand the innovation potential through academic-corporate partnership. Participating companies can sponsor GID activities at two different levels:


1. General Partnership
Partners who sponsor the GID Program showcase their brand alongside GID outputs in marketing materials and at GID public events. The value of your brand will be enhanced through association with design activities by cutting edge technology and future leaders in global innovation design.


2. Project Partnership
Partners who wish to collaborate more closely with global innovation design students can sponsor projects directly. Such project partners work with GID faculty to develop project briefs that are aligned with the near-term business strategy and leverage the market benefits of our three locations in London, New York, and Tokyo. You can choose the level of your organization’s involvement that suits your resources.


Partnership Benefits
The major benefits of GID Partnership include: first access to cutting-edge design research on emerging innovation and technologies, first contact up-and-coming designers for recruitment, and networking opportunities at exclusive events with other GID Partners around the globe.


Interested companies or organizations are welcome to experience the benefits of GID Partnership without commitment by participating in an upcoming workshop, student presentation, or other GID events.




1. ジェネラル・パートナーシップ


2. プロジェクト・パートナーシップ





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